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For Battle Creek Cellars wines we’ve curated Pinot Noir from some of the most exciting vineyardsin the state to create a wine that compromises nothing in quality and enjoyment.


Battle creek vineyard

Established 1998, Turner, OR

Located on a south-facing slope in a sweet spot for growing Pinot Noir, Battle Creek Vineyard is nestled into the mid-Willamette River Basin, in the southeast corner of Salem, Oregon. Planted is 110 acres of 100% Pinot Noir laid out in small blocks planted in 1998.

The clay components of the volcanic basalt soils enable it to store water, so supplemental irrigation is used only when necessary. Sufficient water supply coupled with good canopies help protect the grapes and allow for gentle ripening. 

Planted Varieties: Pinot Noir
Acreage: 110 acres
Elevation: 450 - 620 ft.
Rainfall: 35-40 inches annually
Soil: Volcanic basalt


Yamhela Vineyard

Established 2007, Yamhill, OR

Yamhela is a premium wine grape-growing vineyard, whose Pinot Noir is known for its exceptionally rich, intense flavors and medium body, much like its Yamhill-Carlton AVA peers.

The growing elevation is varied from very steep to nearly level with mostly southeast facing vineyard blocks with elevations ranging from 200 to 630 feet above sea level.

Planted Varieties: Pinot Noir & Chardonnay
Acreage: 120 acres
Elevation: 220 - 630 ft.
Soil: Silt clay loams


roe vineyard

established 2008, Newberg, OR

Planted in the Ribbon Ridge AVA within the Willamette Valley, the smallest sub-appellation of the Valley, the Roe Vineyard is entirely dry-farmed without the use of irrigation. Soils are classified as the Willakenzie series, a mix of marine sediment and soil eroded from the Oregon coast during continental subduction. 

Committed to Sustainability

All of our Oregon vineyards are LIVE certified sustainable and Salmon Safe certified.